The Importance Of Proper Sex Education.

Sex Education When Taught correctly is informative and necessary for young adults. Unfortunately, it’s also received a lot of flack from parents. My parents saw no reason to inform us about Sex. They thought just telling us not to would keep us from having Sex. I can tell you now it certainly didn’t work with me.

My most significant problem with Sex-Ed, and society, in general, is that I never felt like both female and male anatomy were equally prioritized. The few sex education classes I did receive in school were pointless and usually left you with more questions than answers. Now that I’m old enough to understand these issues better, I want to shed a little light on this subject.

My reason for feeling that way is because the entire time I was in that class, we never learned about the female anatomy. Because our teacher didn’t think it was fair subjecting our male classmates to lessons about periods or the female reproductive system. So we were only taught the male anatomy. We learned about male hormones and erections. Our male classmates had discussions on masturbation and feeling comfortable about their bodies with the teacher.

However, some of the girls in our class (including myself) asked our teacher the same question afterward. Which he advised us to be abstinent and told us females don’t masturbate. He explained that our hormones and personalities were polar opposite to men. That frequent Sex and masturbation are common for men because of their high sex drive. He also stated that we ridicule some women for having multiple partners or having a lot of Sex because we know they aren’t supposed to behave that way.

After class ended, I felt expected to be nothing more than some product designed for enjoyment and pleasure for men. It wasn’t that I was putting too much thought into the message. There was a noticeable difference in how we treated each other afterward.
Some of the male students acted callously towards other girls and their needs. While some girls thought they should always look desirable but never act too available for fear of being labeled slutty. This screw-up with Sex-Ed is still apparent in grown men today. Clueless about the female body and show no sympathy for the issues we endure regularly. Suppose they taught us about the female body instead of just the males. Then boys would be more understanding, and girls wouldn’t feel ashamed of their bodies or urges.

A few more complaints are Sex Education in school never includes advice directed towards same-sex couples. Also, many Sex-Ed classes skip past the understanding of consent to inform students that consent is imperative in any given setting or relationship. If schools changed the way we teach Sex-Ed and covered the entire basis of Sex. It could be an informative method to teach our younger generation.



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April Moore

April Moore


Hi! My name is April I'm 26 years old from Oklahoma and the mother of two rambunctious boys. I've been working from home as a Freelance writer for 2 years.